Secrets to AAT Level 3 – Super Nintendo Adventures

At AAT Level 3 you will receive a certificate that states your “AAT Team Experience Qualifications”. Now here is a cool trick to get all the “fast” experience you need. All you have to do is complete the AAT course, then log into the AAT Level 2 website and complete all the challenges there, including one on each of the three sections of the test. You can be a member of the AAT Level 1 team as well! Cool, huh?


Now for those of you who didn’t already know aat level 2, you are also entitled to some bonus experience in order to celebrate! It’s simple, just complete the level you started at, but then turn it in. You will receive an additional 40% of your regular score for this! Not bad, huh?


Now here is a really cool trick that I have found myself doing quite a bit. When you are trying to complete the challenges in the course, don’t just do them in order. Pick them in reverse order, starting from the easiest. And while you are at it, please do as much practice as you can. Practice makes perfect.


Do you want to know what the fastest and most profitable course is for you to earn your AAT Level 3 certificates? The one and only way to find out is to find out for yourself! So log on to the official AAT Level 3 website and check it out. See how fast you can reach level 3 and start earning those checkered points. Don’t forget, if you are playing the free games, all you need to do is to complete the easiest one first aat level 3.


If you didn’t know, you can purchase the cheat codes for the games off the site. AAT uses cheats, so it makes sense that the developers create them. So you have them! Hanging out on the forums at AAT Level 3, you will come across the secrets to getting the cheat codes for the games!


In case you didn’t know, all players start at level one. As you advance through the levels, you move up to level two, and so on. Don’t let the competition get you down! It’s not that they are out to discourage you from playing, it’s just that they don’t have any idea of how good you really are!


The first trick is quite simple, but it needs a little explanation. You need to jump when you see a cloud of dust approaching. When you land on it, press the down arrow key and then press the space bar. Now you jump! This is a useful trick, because it allows you to reach higher places without taking too much time moving from one platform to another. There are many other tricks including getting through water without touching the bottom, jumping over pits, jumping backwards in midair and many more.


The final trick we are going to show you is called the banana trick. This trick might look like a simple jump or fall to you, but it isn’t! To perform this trick, simply hold down the shift key when you land on the banana. Your character will then fall through the hole and through the levels!

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